One-Piece Hooded Design

Hooded three-dimensional cut and elastic band around the facial opening with one piece, it is more convenient to increase the face shape and protection effect.


Stitched Tape Edges

Each stitch is sealed with tape. The inner elastic band is applied to the waist. This stitch-style applications provide better protection.


Elastic Cuff

Elastic cuff application provides tighter and better protection.

FABRIC 53/63 gsm Specifications
It is sewn from premium quality PP NonWoven fabric - light and easy to wear.
It is a soft, solid, breathable fabric.
A hooded zipper is used to increase protection against less hazardous chemicals and dust.
Flexible head for easy mounting on face mask.
Flexible wrist and foot seams to limit entry and exit protection.
Elastic waist for maximum comfort and protection.
Border stitching technology to maximize protection and minimize hair growth and hair loss.
These overalls are; It is used to protect from less hazardous materials and prevent contamination. It is produced to protect the person against hazardous liquid wastes and simple toxins in the air.

All protective clothing should be checked against defects and malfunctions that may cause adversity, such as tears, holes, tears, dirt, before use. Waste and dirty should never be worn.

It is dangerous to play with the packaging. It can cause suffocation. Keep away from children and babies.

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